• An original "K" pump, without lugs and fixing holes.

  • For pumping petrol, benzol, alcohol, alcohol-petrol mixture, kerosene, fuel oil, thin oils, etc. from casks and barrels.
  • KBS pumping unit consists of:
  1. A double acting wing pump of "K" design

  2. A suction tube with tapered connecting plug (optional)

  3. A discharge or outlet tube (optional)

  • The wing pump is provided on the suction side with a galvanised steel suction tube with a sliding connecting plug for fixing in barrels, so that the suction tube can be extended to any dimension for immersion in barrels. The connecting plug is tapered, with thread and therefore the pumping unit can be used for barrels with different holes. 

  • The discharge side of the pump is arranged for the off-take of the liquid directly at the pump (or for attachment of a hose for the delivery of the liquid to a certain distance).

  • Technical specifications

  • Dimensions

Technical specifications
Pump size 0 1 2
Diameter of suction & discharge connections 1/2" 3/4" 1"
Delivered quantity (I/P/M) 10 16 22
Number of double strokes per minute 65 60 55



Pump size 0 1 2


880 893
B 220 230 243
C 1090 1110 1136
D 170 170 170
E 400 400 400
d 1/2" 3/4" 1"
I 230 230 230

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