Low stand pump - NP

The hand operated stand pumps of the NP type with a low discharge stand are distinguished by having the work piston located directly in the discharge stand above the well. They are used mainly for dug, bored and driven wells of a depth of not more than 7 metres. They are the smallest and cheapest kind of household well pumps.

- Capable of pumping water from a depth to 7m

- Both functional and decorative

Cast iron body

Mode of application of N-P pumps:
a) Dug well and driven well
b) Location of the pump beyond well

Technical specifications

Pump size (inside diameter of working cylinder) 75mm 90mm
Inside diameter of suction piping 1 1/4" 1 1/2"
Height of pump 674 mm 743 mm
Length of suction piping 300 mm 300mm
Piston stroke 160mm 160mm
Number of double strokes per minute 40 40
Delivered quantity of water (Q-litres/min.) 28 40
Weight of pump (independent stand) 17 kg 21 kg

Technical description

The pumping set consists of a stand with an outlet, a suction pipe and a suction strainer. The whole pumping unit is assembled according to the depth of the well and the overall length of the suction pipe from the plate to the bottom of the suction trainer is supplied in a length which is 30 cms shorter than the depth of the well. Suction of stirred turbid water and sand is thus prevented.


During one stroke, the pump sucks and lifts the water, during the other stroke it idles. This means that by one upwar stroke of the piston, the water is sucked under the piston. During the other movement of the piston into the bottom position, the water gets above the piston by lifting of a valve and flows out through an outlet from the pump.


Materials Parts
Cast iron Stand body with outlet, pivoted cap, balance beam, plate, piston parts and suction strainer.
Steel Piston tie rod and joining parts.

Also available:

  • NP 75 B - fitted with side flanges for attachment to a wall or structure.
  • NP 75 L - fitted with side flanges for attachment to a wall or structure but lighter in weight.
  • NP 75 Nostalgic - fitted with side flanges for attachment to a wall or structure and with decoration to add a nostalgic appearance. See picture
  • Pump stands for all versions.

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