High stand pump - Standard

The standard pump serves for pumping drinking or service water from dug or drilled wells of a depth up to 29 metres, which is facilitated by the installation of the working cylinder beyond the pump casing. It is manufactured in the basic design - Standard II and in the Standard T design for application as a pressure pump for the delivery of water into distant reservoirs or for hand irrigation by means of a hose.

Also available the
Big Nostalgic Pump: the exterior gray iron castings are decorated to add a nostalgic look (see picture).

Technical specifications



Technical specifications

Inside diameter of working cylinder 75 mm 90 mm
Bucket stroke 170 mm 170 mm
Maximum number of double strokes (n/minute) 38 35
Delivered quantity of water (litres/min.) 25 37
Maximum depth of well 22 m  15 m 
Weight of stand proper 25 kg 25 kg

  • The stand is fixed to the cover of the well by means of a fixing clamp and two wooden wedges mounted on the delivery piping under the cover of the well.
  • To prevent freezing of the water in the stand, the pumping set is supplied with dewatering equipment.


The pumping of water is effected  by the hand operated movement of the rocker arm at a maximum number of 15 to 40 double strokes per minute.

The full output of the pump is obtained only if the entire stroke is utilized, which also prolongs the service life of the pump.

The pump is of single acting design. It works so that by one upward stroke of the bucket, the water is drawn under the bucket and is simultaneously delivered above the bucket to the outlet. During the downward stroke into the lower position of the bucket, the drawn-in water flows through the lifted valve into the space above the bucket. The cycle is continuously repeated.




Grey cast iron

Stand body with outlet, disk, top, working cylinder and suction strainer.

Tough cast iron

Rocker arm


Bucket tie rod and connecting tube.

Galvanised steel

Suction piping and delivery piping.


Packing cup of the bucket and suction flap valve.

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