Performance tests

In order to satisfy ourselves that our claim that the 'Sigma' double acting semi-rotary hand pump is the best among the market leaders, we commissioned an independent pump engineering company to carry out tests.

Test results

Details of the test rig

In all cases, the tests were carried out using the same test rig.

Technical outline of the 'K' pump1. Liquid pumped - water with a high concentration of soluble oil producing a very oily and rust-inhibiting liquid.

2. Liquid pumped from a 210 litre drum through a pipe rising 1 metre from the centre of the pump and then discharging into an open drain pipe suspended over another barrel which is standing on electronic weighing scales.

3. The same 1" BSP riser tube was used in all cases.

4. Barrel with pump full of liquid at the start of the test and approximately half full when 100 litres is pumped out. Mean suction lift to centre of pump is 0.64 metres (24 inches).

5. Delivery Head, 1 metre from centre of pump.

6. All test results are based on the average of three similar tests.

7. The liquid was pumped back from one barrel to the other at the end of each test.

8. Max delivery head test was carried out using a pressure gauge and control valve assembly adapted to be mounted onto the outlet flange of the pumps.

The tests carried out were as follows:

  1. Pump capacity per double stroke (based on the average of 10 double strokes).

  2. Time taken to pump 100kg (100 litres) of liquid.

  3. Number of double strokes taken to pump 100 kg (100 litres) of liquid.

  4. Max Delivery Head i.e. the pressure of the liquid when flow of liquid stopped when pumping in both directions i.e. double stroke.

  5. Double strokes per minute.

Test results

Sigma K2 - Cast iron

Sigma K2 - Bronze

Pump A  (Competition) Pump B (Competition)
Capacity per double stroke in litres
(Based on 10 double strokes)
0.56 0.53 0.17 0.47
Time taken to pump 100 litres
(Average of 3 tests)
2min.17s 2min.21s 6min.10s 2min.23s
Double strokes per min. (Max)
(Average of 3 tests)
84 82 115 93
Double strokes per 100 litres
(Average of 3 tests)
194 191 526 223
Capacity in:
(Based on 100 litres)
Litres per minute 43.86 42.5 16.24 41.85
Gallons per minute 9.66 9.36 3.58 9.22
Maximum capacity in:
(Based on 1 minute)
Litres per minute 45.56 43.46 19.1 43.1
Gallons per minute 10.04 9.57 4.21 9.49
Max delivery pressure in:


6.7 6.8 4.1 4.5


97.0 98.0 60.0 65.0
Max delivery Head in:


66.0 67.0 40.4 44.3


214.4 217.6 131.2 144.0
Pump weight c/w handle in Kgs (less riser tube) 8.7 10.7 6.3 6.2

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