These pumps are suitable for the handling of clear and light liquids such as water, petrol, diesel and all fuels, paraffin, alcohol, light chemical solutions, edible oils etc. and are the only hand pumps safe for use with very hot liquids - up to 80ºC (176ºF).

More about the "K" pump:


Technical features



There are two different types: Standard and Bronze

  Standard* Bronze
Use Water, petrol, diesel and all fuels, paraffin, alcohol, light chemical solutions and edible oils Suitable for corrosive liquids i.e. salt water, strong chemical solutions etc.
Casing: Cast iron
Internals: Brass
Shaft: Steel
Gland packing: Cotton saturated with teflon
Casing: Bronze
Internals: Brass
Shaft: Stainless steel
Gland packing: Cotton saturated with teflon
Sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7
(Other sizes on request)**
0, 1, 2
Execution "Neutral" with no inscription
"Standard" with the mark "ISH" and the country of origin
Standard packing Seaworthy wooden cases each 100x46x46cm

* Standard model - Type "K" is green. Red is available upon request. Other colours are available on special order.
** We also cater for customers' special requirements and modifications.

Technical features

The Sigma 'K' Pump incorporates many original technical features which make it the best of its type.

  • Reinforced inlet, discharge and lugs - prevent breakage even if subjected to rough treatment.
  • The tapered internal body - this unique technological advantage assures automatic settlement of the wings in the body and guarantees smooth efficient operation even after years of usage.
  • A frost plug - allows water to be drained if there is a risk of frost.

    Thorough quality control - each pump is individually tested to a suction lift of 7m of water and 20m of delivery head.

Performance tests




The pumps are operated by the movement of the handle which causes the shaft and the wing piston, fitted with flap valves, to semi-rotate within the pump. Also enclosed in the body of the pump is the suction divider, fitted with flaps. Gland packing compressed by the gland ring and nut acts as a seal between the shaft and the pump cover. The standard model has threaded flanges and is supplied with threaded counterflanges. Two lugs facilitate the mounting of the pump to a wall or similar structure.  

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